Indra's Awarehouse


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Indra's Awarehouse Monthly Membership $77.00 per Mo. The donation for this membership is $77 Select
Ecstatic Dance $22.00 now. Select
Sacred Geometry Donation Hero $1,111.00 per Yr. The donation for this membership is $1111 Select
Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy A.U.R.A. Hypnosis $444.00 now. Select

As a sanctuary and community-building space for people seeking peace and harmony within themselves and the world as a whole, Indra’s Awarehouse welcomes people from all walks of life. Although we cannot control the injustices of the world, we can bear witness to them and acknowledge that they exist.

Our thoughts and blessings are with those who are suffering in isolation, and we will continue to strive to provide a safe place for people of every perspective, race, gender identity, and spirituality.

We know that all people can find common ground to unite and treat other human beings with respect and dignity. We feel that sacred communion is a healthy part of life, and reserve the right to conduct ourselves through the Ministry of Sacred Geometry 508(c)(1a) private events at Indras Awarehouse.

Community building must take place responsibly. If you are sick, please show respect and care for your community and DO NOT attend. You are attending this event at your own risk. Indra’s Awarehouse nor any producer is not liable for any loss, damage, or costs incurred due to your participation in this event.