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About Indra’s

About Indra’s

Indra's Awarehouse Story

Randi began as a painter with a vision and a calling to create a community space for dancers, creators, and artists of all kinds. After securing land in Austin’s booming East Side, she poured the concrete foundation for the building that would become Indra’s Awarehouse. As a collaboration from the beginning, Randi’s ability to inspire others has motivated ceaseless volunteer work largely using donated and up-cycled materials to build the eclectic space visible today. The explosion of Austin’s entertainment industry has created the need for a quality performance space that accommodates many types of performers, as well as an event space for special gatherings. 

From rigging points on the ceiling to MMA mats for the dance floor, this multi-use artistic event space accommodates extreme professional acrobats, ecstatic dancers, as well as music & performance arts. Indra’s Awarehouse has become a cherished part of East Austin’s historic arts heritage. It is a beacon of creativity and a haven for those who dedicate their lives to honing their craft to share their art.

This multi-use space is available for event bookings, membership participation, special events, ceremonies, and a diversification of offerings including art studio, designer products, and future technology collaboration all under one roof. 

This alchemy lab is the wave of the future, and you can join in the movement!

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