Memberships at Indra's

Being that INDRAS.HOUSE is a community based platform…ULTIMATELY YOU CHOOSE THE CURRICULUM based on your contribution.  At least 1/3 and technically more of each contribution goes directly towards Non-Profit at-cost usage of space and materials for members.  Members can also propose and vote free or at-cost events for the public.  If a cause is aligned with various members they can vote or give some of their time and usage away for that cause at Indra’s.  We currently working on a community currency to offer our members for various contributions and to better manage this program.  Call us for the latest updates as we will be updating the details of this program as we get more feedback from Indra’s first core community membership holders!

Monetary contributions from members are not the only way to have a vote in co-creating programs.  Members who volunteer hours or resources can also vote on what proposals or programs get time and space in the curriculum.  We also get community currency for contributing that can be traded for time, space, lessons, night stays and healing from wellness professionals.


As our membership base grows we may have to become more selective on how we use space and our members use.  But as we sell more memberships, the quality of programs will go up and we have more funds to upgrade various offerings.  If goals are reached we can renovate space for galleries and placement for interns or volunteer builders.

The memberships are listed below…

Use of space on the weekends or calendar Collective Days.  Use for artists to dance, paint or use co-working space for various functions.  Day pass or membership pass available.

Program Goal:    When enough memberships are sold, we can start having have 1 – 2 free work days a week…


 Interns Live in Art program

Paid Live-in intern program with possibility of having a month of tuition paid for if members choose to vote or fund a particular interns profile.

Anyone can apply and be approved if conditions are met, members vote on and Randi Southard approves.

Space maybe available onsite or nearby for special projects and will usually volunteer hours or pay rent.