Randi with the ministry if sacred goemetry and Brandi Veil

May 7, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 5:45 pm
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Thank you Brandi for tomes sake- Just some copies of some notes I will chime in to this introduction with the notion that I am a node for the new blueprint for our holographic hearts!
Indra’s awarehouse has been the runway for so much collaboration in heart energy thru dance, energy tech thru engineering support, and new earth insight thru promoting blockchain in community systems. I love to do process art and performance usually based in multidimensionality and frequency science.
Also, I have been fine art painter since my youth. Supported my family thru art all of these years- and feel so excited about the future of humanity even as we traverse the hurdles.

I believe that the creation of our civil x fame and indras net media sustainability video volumes is way to create bridges to many groups to access efficient and creative problem solving. There are so many new ways to do things!

I was also really thrilled to learn about Arielle’s Holographic board game- because I can see this progressing in various ways. Here’s to becoming compassion technology, and seeing human value rise!

From test case scenario with awaawacia
Building manager for a moment there

Don’t have to file right off, you can claim it and then file later.

Bret warsawski and infinite world game.

Ideal systems ppl are working on

Ariel was working with millionaires
How to make a transitional model

Btwn for profit and non profit
Meta projects under the church

Getting multiple startups underneath it.

Aerial – offered job from Nassim
Tony lane- sketchy world out there
Metabolic studios
In LA rerouting the LA river thru art

The way in to play in this new paradigms

Puerto Rico
Brock Peirce
Smart city
Bigger and bigger projects with big ifluences

Container break again and again
Set everyone else for success
Nicole mycelia network

majority consensus coherenceequity is a kickstarter model translate equity but all payout is just a percentage of the projectso it can self organize if you have equity as income , tehe church will be collectiving taxes, your choice where you redirect it. facilitate a self organized envoronment. notion of tokenizing , there are many things to invest in , a person, — you can assign your equity to them ,, and then everyone youre teachnig , comes back to you as a teacher. master apprentice, or you can invest in a space, revenue for building a deck. or final products and services which is more stable. and allows you to conceive equity in things which is not normally considered equity, how to quantify the qualitative, and qualify the quantitative . the feminine and masculine, vortex based mathematics with marco ronin. qualitative is more the music aspects. pi is the boundary layer of the masculine and feminine linear quantitaive masculine and cyclical qualitative cyclical data,, notion of consultant media, test implement the proposal process and went in together…GCC 508 c1a, has a token and sitting dormant, music producer, wrote it with nadine the owner of awaawacia- produced the global unity fest, he doesn’t want to be operating the bylaws and the ministry, ,, how do we create this mother fund together and the distribution of the money, alliance and sectors. synergy hubs, in nevada city, boulder, and LA and Austin, packed .. with the wind turbines, htere is way bigger tech, and techtocracy, on this planet, it takes one peice of IP and it .

Massive amount of ppl that are wanting to plug into- you’re not a volunteer any more you’re earning.

Billion dollar investors to apply
The amount of time ppl waste driving around trying to find the best price in gas…

Simplicity over efficiency
Put as much time as possible into my creativity, but don’t sacrifice that creativity

We want off the social media cycle
We want to learn more about hive
She wants a white label channel
With a directory- an alliance around the content, and the events
Retreat centers and the land activations
Hylo sold their stuff to holochain, and then they were given the open source of hylo to build and research. we believe in them and what they stand for. “Connected” platform is cool, back in membersh-
In terms of something ready, maybe asana or Monday
Love slack?
Need to really align w ppl who are applying that purpose full time,
Shared language model for building structure
We want to step into an agreement field structure of the ministry is number one,
What were doing is a social experiment, bootstrapping and working with the very weathy and conscious billionaires that he’s been around. Distortion with profit and non profit, we gotta free up the entire survival
System of prosperity out of a feeling of prosperity.
Nadine and James, awaawacia

Can start operating of
Possible microsoft tools 3-d Collab operating system, even if we use his as a bridge to get us on to plan, Justin Mason, mycelia network cowering on Monday and Thursdays. Online gathering for pitches, and everyone gets to show their projects.

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