Gender Fuck It All Let’s Dance!

March 5, 2016 @ 9:00 pm – March 6, 2016 @ 2:00 am
Indras Awarehouse
7904 FM 969, Austin, TX 78724
United States

Calling all gender deviants! From the witch who brought you Big Dick’s House of Big Boobs and Pretty Witches, a new dance party is getting shit out of the divine cosmic anus of the collective unconscious to further destroy the current gender paradigm and usher us into the genderless future! A place for all of us to be who we truly are, who we’ve always wanted to be, or to dance with a side of ourselves that we might never have thought was even there, Genderfuck It All Let’s Dance is OUR night to break through the fourth wall!

A space to be Androgynous, Genderfuck, Genderqueer, Trans, Nonbinary, Butch Queen, Hard Femme, Soft Butch, Tomboy, Bearded Ladies, Drag King / Queen, Boi, Grrrl, Boygirls, Girlboys – however you do gender differently!

Genderfuck It All Let’s Dance is a space for everyone to be free and fully expressed without the pressure to conform to the gender binary. There will be several open-platform go-go boxes and a pole for ANYONE who wants to step up and dance. Everyone deserves their chance to be on a pedestal. This is more than just another party, it is an opportunity for radical acceptance and liberation. If you’ve ever been to Big Dick’s House of Big Boobs, imagine that this party is like the raucous end of the night pansexual free for all dance party that happens after the acts are finished, but for the WHOLE NIGHT!

Cyler Daigle
Bobby Bearz of House of KENZO

DJ: Boyfriends (DJs)
PHOTOBOOTH : W11-11am_artist
DREAM INTERPRETATION: Dr. GirlFriend, DTF & Dr. Mouthfeel, BRB

Indra’s Awarehouse – 7904 FM 969, Austin, Texas
9pm – 2am / Saturday March 5th 2016
$12 Presale (
$15 cash at the door (if it doesn’t sell out in advance)

THIS PARTY IS BYOB!! There will be non-alcoholic drinks like coconut water and kombucha for sale but please bring any alcohol you’d like to have with you before you arrive. There are not convenient liquor stores within walking distance of the venue.

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